Monday, October 30, 2017

Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

laboratory steam sterilizer
Sterivap laboratory steam sterilizers suit a full range of
laboratory applications.
Image courtesy BMT
The sterilization process is an essential part of laboratory operations, assuring  safety and quality of the work that is done. Though the sterilization cycle is simple to describe, the criticality of the process calls for the use of numerous features in sterilization equipment, to assure successful completion of each and every cycle.

BMT USA incorporates a host of important performance features in it Sterivap series of laboratory steam sterilizers.
  • Dual microprocessor controls with separate instrumentation for maximum load safety
  • Color touch screen operator interface
  • 316L Stainless steel chamber and 316Ti jacket with 15 year non-prorated warranty
  • Hinged fascia panels with key lock for ease in maintenance access
  • Mechanical vacuum pump for consistent vacuum performance
  • Water conservation for up to 75% reduced water consumption
  • Space saving design-less floor space required
  • Automatic Motor driven precision sliding doors
  • High grade non-proprietary components
  • Double pressure sensors ensure no pressure inside the chamber before unlocking of doors can occur.
More detail is provided below. Share your laboratory and process sterilization challenges with application specialists, combining your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop an effective solution.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Compounding Station for Non-Sterile Drugs

non sterile drug compounding isolator station
Economical compounding station provides
worker protection
Image courtesy Esco
Non-sterile drug compounding, with the absence of a need to isolate the pharmaceutical compound from the surrounding environment, presents potential hazards to technicians through exposure to airborne portions of the chemicals being processed.

Esco provides an economical solution, providing adequate operator protection for operations complying with USP 800 for non-sterile hazardous drug compounding. The Powdermax™ Powder Weighing Balance Enclosure delivers a workspace for compounding while providing operator protection from hazardous drug powders.

More detail is provided in the datasheet included below. Share your sterile and non-sterile isolation requirements with lab equipment experts. Leverage your own knowledge and experience with their lab equipment application expertise to develop an effective solution.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gas Infuser for Maintaining Anaerobic Chamber Condition

anaerobic gas infuser controller for anaerobic chambers
Anaerobic gas infuser provides automatic montioring
and control of chamber atmosphere.
Image courtesy Coy Laboratories
Efficient maintenance of anaerobic conditions in specialty biological chambers requires accurate measurement of hydrogen gas concentration and controlled introduction of anaerobic gas mixture. It is possible to maintain the anaerobic chamber gas mixture utilizing a continuous purge flow, but that is a comparatively costly means.

Anaerobic gas consumption can be substantially reduced using Coy Labortories' Anaerobic Gas Infuser to monitor chamber conditions and inject gas only when needed. The fully automatic system also prevents excess pressure buildup in the chamber by venting the chamber as new gas is introduced. Here are some of the product features, from the Coy Labs product page.
  • Automatic hydrogen maintenance
  • Designed to control at precisely 3% for safe operating conditions.
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Alarms for excess gas consumption
  • Trouble shooting guide
  • Data logging of both oxygen and hydrogen levels
  • Maximize cost efficiency of the Gas Mix supply
  • Includes communication cable for connection to any Coy Anaerobic Monitor
  • Gas Lines and Chamber Fittings Included
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Friday, October 6, 2017

Laboratory Ovens and Incubators Overview

BMT manufactures an extensive line of drying ovens and incubators for laboratory and processing applications. Differing product series are tailored with construction and operational features for applications prevalent throughout the sciences and research. The video will give you a quick tour of the product offering.

More detail is available from the lab equipment and planning specialists at Atlantic Technology Group. Share your requirements and challenges with them and leverage your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop an effective solution.