Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Biological Safety Cabinet From Esco

biological safety cabinet
Biological Safety Cabinet - Airstream Model
Courtesy Esco
Biological safety cabinets are a mainstay of research involving microorganisms. The barrier they create between operator and work areas enables the safe and effective handling of a range of biological materials.

Esco, the world's largest manufacturer of biological safety cabinets, recently released its Airstream Generation 3, a Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet incorporating years of manufacturing and user experience into a best in class product. The new Airstream carries the NSF 49 and UL 61010 certifications and features a DC electronically commutated motor, which delivers comparative energy savings of as much as 70% over legacy AC motors used in BSC operation.

The Airstream microprocessor controller, centered and angled down for easy reach and viewing, displays all important information for fast and reliable operation. Utilizing high efficiency ULPA filtration which provides an ISO Class 3 work zone, and ISOCIDE™ powder coat on all its external and interior painted surfaces, customers are ensured that both operators and the external lab environment are protected from harmful biological agents.

More information is available from lab planning specialists, with whom you should share your lab and process equipment challenges, combining your knowledge with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Conference and Trade Show Schedule for 2017

Atlantic Technology Group will be an active participant in a number of conferences and exhibitions in the life science industries throughout 2017. Their participation is part of a continuing effort to support the academic and trade organizations in the industries ATG serves. New product and application information, as well as the face to face exchange of viewpoints and ideas are a hallmark of these conferences. Review the schedule and make arrangements to attend one this year.

Reach out to Atlantic Technology Group for more information about registration or attendance at any of these events.
Pittcon Conference & Expo
March 5-9
Chicago, IL
March 21-23
Javits Center, NYC
Mid-Atlantic Life Sciences Showcase
April 6

Life Sciences Technology Conference
March 14
Raleigh, NC

Laboratory Design Conference
April 24-26
Raleigh, NC

2017 Biomedical Research Equipment
and Supplies Exhibit

May 2
Ft. Detrick
Frederick, MD

In Vitro Biology Meeting
June 10-14
Raleigh, NC

Friday, January 13, 2017

Miele Professional Flex Series Undercounter Glassware Washer Video

As a companion to our post on the recently released line of Flex undercounter glassware washers, here is a video that graphically presents some of the leading edge design elements incorporated in the new line.

Miele's new Flex line delivers best in class performance for undercounter laboratory glassware washing, with a broad range of options to accommodate every application. More detail is available from labware washing specialists. Share your glassware washing needs with them, combining your process and lab experience with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Product Release From Miele Professional

laboratory glassware washer undercounter type
New Fkex undercounter laboratory glassware washer
Courtesy Miele Professional
Glassware washing, in the laboratory setting, is an unglamorous but necessary task. Glassware utilized at almost any point in an analytical procedure needs to come with an assurance that there is no residual material left over from any previous use. The operation, if accomplished manually, raises practical concerns about quality control and effective use of valuable human resources.

Miele Professional has recently improved and updated their line of undercounter glassware washers for laboratory applications. The Flex Series brings some useful features to the lab user.

  • Larger capacity, stemming from a redesigned wash chamber.
  • Increased flexibility, with an extended range of options and a new modular basket system.
  • Enhanced efficiency from a variable speed pump that, along with the controller, tailors pump speed and water delivery to the type of wash cycle.
You can see more detail on each of these items in the document below. Reach out to a washing specialist and share your glassware washing challenges. The combination of your experience and their product application expertise will produce and effective solution.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Atlantic Technology Group Launches New Website

laboratory technician and equipment

Our new website is now public. It is fast and efficient, enabling visitors to quickly find what they are looking for and request additional information that may be needed. The site functions seamlessly on all devices, from desktops to smart phones.

Links to all our social media pages are provided on the home page, as well as a latest news section, recent blog post section, and the names of all the manufacturers we represent. A summary of each manufacturer's product offering and a link directly to their website is provided on a dedicated page for each company. Products are arranged in logical groupings with quick access to the manufacturer of each product. A contact page lets visitors email a request for information that will get a quick response.

Atlantic Technology Group helps their customers make informed decisions about the purchase, use, and maintenance of their laboratory and process equipment. Reach out to the specialists, combining your own knowledge with ATG's product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

Welcome to the Atlantic Technology Group Laboratory and Process Equipment Blog

scientific laboratory and process chemistry biology dna

Thank you for visiting the new Laboratory and Process Equipment Blog, brought to you by Atlantic Technology Group. The focus of the blog will be to provide knowledge based articles for the industries we serve, product performance and application information for the types of products we sell, and other technical and current event subjects that may be of interest to our followers.

Established in 1992, Atlantic Technology Group is recognized as one of the top manufacturer representative organizations in the country by manufacturers and customers alike. With many years of experience working in both the lab and process markets, our representatives are unrivaled in the field for their practical knowledge and hands-on approach. Understanding the needs and goals of the stakeholders in a new equipment installation, including architects, engineers, facility managers, lab managers, lab technicians, construction managers, trade contractors, service technicians, and maintenance staff, empowers our specialists to communicate effectively and achieve results.

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