Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Product Release From Miele Professional

laboratory glassware washer undercounter type
New Fkex undercounter laboratory glassware washer
Courtesy Miele Professional
Glassware washing, in the laboratory setting, is an unglamorous but necessary task. Glassware utilized at almost any point in an analytical procedure needs to come with an assurance that there is no residual material left over from any previous use. The operation, if accomplished manually, raises practical concerns about quality control and effective use of valuable human resources.

Miele Professional has recently improved and updated their line of undercounter glassware washers for laboratory applications. The Flex Series brings some useful features to the lab user.

  • Larger capacity, stemming from a redesigned wash chamber.
  • Increased flexibility, with an extended range of options and a new modular basket system.
  • Enhanced efficiency from a variable speed pump that, along with the controller, tailors pump speed and water delivery to the type of wash cycle.
You can see more detail on each of these items in the document below. Reach out to a washing specialist and share your glassware washing challenges. The combination of your experience and their product application expertise will produce and effective solution.

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