Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome to the Atlantic Technology Group Laboratory and Process Equipment Blog

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Thank you for visiting the new Laboratory and Process Equipment Blog, brought to you by Atlantic Technology Group. The focus of the blog will be to provide knowledge based articles for the industries we serve, product performance and application information for the types of products we sell, and other technical and current event subjects that may be of interest to our followers.

Established in 1992, Atlantic Technology Group is recognized as one of the top manufacturer representative organizations in the country by manufacturers and customers alike. With many years of experience working in both the lab and process markets, our representatives are unrivaled in the field for their practical knowledge and hands-on approach. Understanding the needs and goals of the stakeholders in a new equipment installation, including architects, engineers, facility managers, lab managers, lab technicians, construction managers, trade contractors, service technicians, and maintenance staff, empowers our specialists to communicate effectively and achieve results.

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