Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Flexible Installation and Dispensing Options for Lab Water Purification Unit

laboratory water purifier modular unit
Chorus modular laboratory water purification
unit, shown with dispenser integrated to bottom
Courtesy Elga LabWater
As a laboratory technician, researcher, or operator, purified water of a known and consistent quality is as essential as drinking water. The production and dispensing of purified water is a support task or operation that, while necessary, does not move the lab mission forward in a direct way. Ideally, water of the right quality will be available for dispensing on demand and lab personnel will not need to spend time checking, adjusting, or maintaining the water production and storage apparatus.

The Elga PURELAB® Chorus modular water purification units for laboratory use provide a number of features and options that enable the production and dispensing of Type 1 ultrapure water effectively and ergonomically.

  • Several unit variants allow the user to select the combination of water purification technologies that best suit their laboratory needs.
  • Dispensing options configure the interface between user and equipment in a manner that best suits the way technicians will dispense purified water.
  • On board monitoring of component performance and water quality provide indication of when purification elements require replacement and confirm water quality and the point of delivery.
Below is a datasheet for the PURELAB® Chorus modular water purification units, showing all the available configurations and dispensing options. Share your lab water requirements with application experts, combining your own laboratory experience and knowledge with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

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