Saturday, March 24, 2018

CO2 Incubators With Integral Cooling and Extended Range

CO2 incubators with integral cooling system for cell culture
Extended temperature range CO2 incubators.
Image courtesy Esco
Numerous cell culture studies require temperatures that cannot be reliably maintained with heated-only incubators. Esco has a solution in their CelCulture® CO2 Incubators with an integrated cooling system that enables operation at temperatures as much as twelve degrees Celsius below the surrounding ambient.

A Peltier cooling system, such as that incorporated in the Esco CelCulture® CO2 Incubators, is an electronic system. It does not have a mechanical compressor, but utilizes a Peltier junction and heat exchanger to move heat from the interior of the chamber to the surrounding air. The method is also referred to as thermoelectric cooling and provides reliable operation with little to maintenance required.

In addition to the extended low range operating temperature, CelCulture® CO2 Incubators with an integrated coling system can maintain temperatures up to 60°C above ambient. Contamination control is provided by a 90°C validated moist heat decontamination cycle, ULPA filter, anti-microbial surface coating and a 0.2 micron in-line filter for the gas supply.

Learn more about CelCulture® CO2 Incubators and their suitability for many applications. Share your cell culture environmental requirements with laboratory equipment experts. Leverage your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop an effective solution.

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