Friday, August 25, 2017

Laboratory Refrigerators Equipped for Specialized Applications

laboratory refrigerator configured for chromatography process glass doors electrical outlets wall ports
Laboratory refrigerators can be specifically configured
to match lab process work.
Image courtesy Powers Scientific
Refrigerated space in a laboratory is not the same as refrigerated food storage space. Yes, of course, both are cold. Laboratory needs, though, can range beyond simple cold storage. Lab cold space work is often an ongoing process that requires a cold environment. There may be application requirements that will not be accommodated by food service or simple cold storage units.

  • Temperature Control - Stored materials and processes in a lab cold space are likely to have a low tolerance for temperature excursions outside a comparatively narrow range. Higher performance controllers, and in some cases modified or specialty refrigeration systems, deliver the performance needed for these applications. 
  • Corrosion - The presence of some chemicals in a lab cold space requires accommodation with a chamber inner liner with adequate resistance to corrosion.
  • Instrumentation and Process Equipment - Lab processes can incorporate the use of equipment and instrumentation within the cold space. Heat generated by the equipment must be removed by the refrigerator cooling system in order to maintain control of temperature. These instruments operate with electric power which must be accessible within the chamber, via installed receptacles, or through capped ports in the cold space wall with an extension cable. The ports can also serve to provide a path for tubing or other instrumentation cables into the cold space from the surrounding lab.
  • Safety - Some chemicals and materials present flammability or explosion hazards when stored or placed in enclosed spaces. Special refrigerators are available that are specifically designed and built to meet the regulatory requirements for storing these hazardous materials.
  • Vibration - Certain processes may require the maintenance of low vibration transmission from the refrigerator cabinet and machinery to the housed process. This requires special attention to the mounting and structure of critical refrigerator machinery and interior supports.
Share your laboratory cold space requirements with a lab equipment expert, combining your own knowledge and experience with their equipment application expertise to develop an effective solution.

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