Friday, September 8, 2017

Full Featured Environmental Chamber Control System

environmental chamber control panel plant growth chamber control panel
The IntellusUltraConnect C9 adds a range of remote
connectivity functions to the operational functions of the
IntellusUltra C8.
Image courtesy Percival Scientific
Percival Scientific has a long history of designing and manufacturing environmental chambers and plant growth chambers for life science industries and institutions. Those years of experience are part of the IntellusUltra series of control units that serve as the user interface and operating unit of the company's line of environmental rooms and chambers.

Ease of use is the hallmark of the controllers. Some applications, especially those for plant studies, can require multi-step profiles that change temperature, humidity, lighting, and other functions. Entering or editing a profile with IntellusUltra is intuitive and simple.

In addition to a plethora of operational features, the "Connect C9" version offers a range of remote connectivity functions that can keep users in touch with their equipment and research anytime and anywhere. From the Percival Scientific website...
  • Remote connectivity and monitoring with e-mail notifications.
  • On-board USB connection allowing for real time data logging with up to four gigabytes of data storage. Simply use a portable USB stick to download your data to analyze on any other capable device.
  • An on-board Ethernet connection allows direct monitoring and analysis of chamber conditions.
  • Available remote monitoring software has been optimized to interface with the major web browsers.
  • Ability to upgrade to our cloud-based service securely and confidently monitor and backup your research data
Solid control of environmental parameters, plus connectivity that enables access to the system from anywhere. More detail is provided in the document included below. Share your environmental room and chamber plans and challenges with experienced lab equipment professionals, leveraging your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

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