Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cleaning and Neutralizing Agents for Lab Washing

laboratory glassware washing chemicals cleaning and neutralizing
Laboratory glassware cleaning and neutralizing agents
Image courtesy Miele Professional
Using good chemicals in lab washing operations is as important as using a good machine. Miele Professional, under the ProCare brand, offers a specially formulated line of cleaning and neutralizing agents crafted to maximize the effectiveness of machine washing.

Cleaning agents are available in alkaline or mild alkaline versions to match the level and type of load soiling. Liquid and powdered versions allow for dispensing by your preferred method.

Neutralizing agents are acidic in nature, used as a pre-cleaning treatment or neutralizer of alkaline residues left from the primary wash portion of the cleaning cycle. Two versions, based on differing acidic agents, cover the majority of neutralizing requirements.

Matching your wash chemicals to the load requirements will yield the best results. Share your lab utensil and glassware washing challenges with lab equipment experts, combining your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop the best solution.

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