Monday, December 4, 2017

Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Benches

horizontal laminar flow clean bench with glass sides
This horizontal laminar flow clean bench is
free standing and has glass sides to the work zone.
Image courtesy Esco
Processes and operations that require technicians to perform hands-on tasks without contaminating their work are often performed in a horizontal laminar flow work station or clean bench. With filtered air flowing horizontally from the rear of the work area and through the open front, these stations provide a level of protection against infiltration of contaminants from the surrounding space.

Some features common to horizontal laminar flow clean benches:

  • Large open area into the work zone with no obstruction.
  • HEPA filtered air in work zone. 
  • Horizontal laminar air flow pattern prevents entry of dust and contamination from surrounding space.
  • Work area surfaces suitable for cleaning with sanitizing agents.
  • Bench mounted or provided with integral floor stand.
Esco manufactures the Airstream® line of horizontal and vertical laminar flow clean benches targeted for laboratory use. The various models include a host of features tailored to laboratory use. More information is available in the document below, and share your clean work station requirements with lab equipment specialists. The combination of your own experience an knowledge with their product application expertise will yield a positive solution.

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